Science fiction has been making an impact in different industries in the past decade, most especially in the world of literature. It does not only influence readers to be more imaginative, but also, offers more of the other side of science and technology with the touch of imaginary worlds.

Writing such a novel about science fiction is never easy! It may a bit challenging, but if you keep a few things in mind, then, a single aspiring writer can be the world’s next successful and famous one.

Writing a great science fiction novel is made easy if you follow these six (6) simple tips:

  1. Be a wide reader

Read widely and voraciously. Inspiration and ideas are usually pulled up from various readables.  You may start on reading researches regarding scientific developments. With these, you’ll be oriented to the recent developments and may avoid repeating the old clichés and ideas commonly used in stories. This will trigger you to write something new that can excite people and want to read your story.

  1. Practice writing

The most easy and interesting to read is the most difficult to write. Writing is a raft that requires patience and skills. By consistently writing, you’ll learn your flaws and see where things go wrong. Short stories are great training grounds and a good starting market.

  1. Write from the heart

Writing may be too way difficult and painful if not passion driven. Think of writing science fiction novels as heart-felt and not just a job where there can be a good living. Through this, it will be easier to send a message to readers and build a good communication, thus sending the right message that you want the reader to understand.

  1. Start your story in a relatable manner

Often, connections are difficult to achieve due to the dynamic world of science fiction. The author’s understanding may be poles apart from the reader’s, thus making the reader uninterested with the story. If you want a story that easily resonates with people, start a story, everyone is familiar (perhaps, aliens, underworld creatures, or scientific experiments).

  1. In developing your story, choose a good conflict

Conflict is one of the most drivers of the story. The type of conflict tells the reader a lot about what you see as the important message of the text and what sort of themes they’re meant to take away. If selected conflicts are poor and weak, it may drive readers away and opt not to finish the novel.

  1. Be open for constructive feedback regarding your work

Take suggestions and be open to critisms, especially from people who have gained plenty of experiences in the field of literary works. Not all criticisms will be on the mark, but even those that aren’t can help you spot problems that need attention. Take feedbacks, take it seriously, and work on it. Critics help you develop your work for better reading and understanding.

If you are able to establish these tips in writing, then, creating a great science fiction novel is just simple as a pie.


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