Goodreads defines science fiction as “a broad genre of fiction that often involves speculations based on current or future science or technology.” Science fiction is creative and innovative in its own way and in books, you can explore your imagination any way you want. One of the most famous science fiction books is the Harry Potter series where J.K. Rowling brings us to the world of magic. When we were kids, we used to daydream a lot about getting a letter from Hogwarts telling us that we were wizards and witches. We dreamt about the Firebolt so we could fly around in broomsticks in broad daylight. We picked up sticks and made them into magic wands as we memorized all the spells as we got ready to battle with Dementors screaming “Expecto Patronum!” to make them all go away. Beautiful isn’t it? This is how the world of science fiction works. It makes us dream, it makes us believe in both possible and impossible. Up until now, I still prefer reading science fiction books because it makes my mind wander off to the possibility that the world of magic exists. It makes me believe that the futuristic technology expressed in books is possible as we go on with our lives. It makes me want to create them to be able to see them for myself.

While science fiction books are phenomenal, nobody would want to turn down a good romance novel. Remember John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars? You might not have read it but I’m sure you’ve seen it in the movies. Tell me, was I the only one who cried when Augustus died and left Hazel heartbroken? The book was sad and tragic, but it was beautiful. It’s beautiful how the people who suffer and are closest to death can still experience something as magical as meeting their one, true love. Why? It means that there is always hope even in the darkest times. Romance novels wake us up from our sad, devastating reality and let us believe than rainbows and silver linings exist. Romance novels inspire us with new learnings and let us experience our own heartbreak as they suck us into their own stories. Romance novels are beautifully devastating in their own way.

Books are beautiful and when authors experiment, they become wonderful. Now, authors have discovered mixing science fiction and romance into one book. Who wouldn’t want a little love in a world full of new discoveries? In the world of vampires and werewolves, Bella and Edward from Twilight fell in love and fought heaven and hell to be together. Who would have thought that a vampire like Edward who feasts in human blood could fall hard for a mere human like Bella? And who would have thought that a werewolf like Jacob could also come to love her as well? These opposing worlds are very different yet it teaches us that love knows no boundaries and that true love crosses not just oceans but worlds just so two beings can be together. Edward fought hard to keep Bella safe and alive from others of his kind and they both ran away from their own comfort zones to make a lot of impossible things become possible. In the end, as Bella decided that she wanted to be with her true love for all of eternity, she turned into a vampire herself with a miracle child.

You see, books are not made only for entertainment. They are made to inspire and create new worlds for all of those who like to dream. Some books inspire people to start anew with their lives and some books make people realize that they can do better. These science fiction novels mixed with a little romance are full of discoverable things that make people try something new and beautiful at the same time.

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