Do you have so many jumbled ideas bouncing in mind like bubbles popping out of the bubble machine? When you have boundless energy to put  for your novel, but when you put them into writing, you find yourself, did you find things difficult even just to formulate an outline. When you have so much to brainstorm yet so little ways of organizing them is quite wearing. It seems funny and awkward yet true! Writing a good novel is never easy, especially when you have so much to do but things just don’t always live up to how you thought they would be.

To keep yourself away from frustrations, always keep in mind that one of the good practices of the great novel writers is to have a pen and a notebook nearby so that you can jot down ideas for your novel story as they build up. Aside from determining the titles and mind blowing ideas of each chapter, it’s very essential to start your novel in an organized manner, according to experienced novel writers.

Now, how do novel writers keep their ideas organized? Here are some tips that could greatly help aspiring writers in starting their own novel stories.

Establish a calm, centered mind. You just need to learn how to discipline the lost, confused, overwhelmed you. Find a place where the ambience makes you feel undisturbed and helps you freely think. If your workplace is destructive, (example, in the backyard with kids shouting all the time, or in the mall where a lot of people are passing by and talking) a good start of your novel could slowly sprout because the environment hinders you from being relaxed, and free-thinker.

Set your own style and expectations. You should take control and be the leader of your novel.  Your novel should consider the demands of the reader from the genre. Every book, just like every write up style, brings with it a certain set of natural expectations. Historical romance must have something from the history, and suspense novels must be associated with intense emotions or anxious uncertainties about what will happen in the story.

The story is better when in chronological order. No matter where you’ve started from, once you have all your notes on different scenes, arrange them. Sort them chronologically into three piles: 1) things that happen near the beginning of the story; 2) things that happen near the end of the story; and 3) things that happen somewhere in between. Through this, the intended message will be transmitted to reader easily.

Learn how to deal with different chapter breaks.  Chapter breaks of every novel are of different styles. And these created a different effect to the story. During your construction of outline, if the thought of separating your plot into chapters confuses you or drains your energy, don’t make chapter break decisions yet. Instead, make a whole draft of your novel, revise your work once you already have the intention of making chapter breaks during the revision and rewriting stage.

Be a healthy living mammal. Be inspired by fitness conscious workers, such, an athlete perhaps. Never forget to eat right.  It you’re driving yourself too much crazy with work, pressure, then tension then increases, limiting your mind to develop brilliant ideas. You need to create a process that works for you and write your own work in your own time frame. In the end, peace of mind and healthy lifestyle is the root of all success.


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