According to veteran literary agent Elizabeth Pomada, fiction in different genres is packaged and marketed differently and shelved on different bookstore shelves … so cross-genre fiction wouldn’t be the easiest way to start a career. But nowadays, with the advent of online booksellers and the accessibility of digital publishing (and self-publishing), there is already a greater room for books that defy easy categorization, may it soft or hard copies.

If you’re a huge fan of crime, mystery, noir, or thrillers —all mashed-up, then a cross genre articles suits you. A more focused approach is the most direct way to crafting the kind of manuscript that will catch the attention of agents, publishers and readers.

To have the joy of genre mashing, here are 5 tips for eating cross genre.

  • Identify your main genre.

It is essential to identify the primary genre in the story. Use it as the fundamental core of all genre used. Identifying the main genre in the work pays respect to that genre’s time-honored traditions: a romance heroine should face obstacles to true love. Let your main genre give you the structure of the story. This gives you a strong foundation upon which genre to build.

  • Write the stories that you want to read, regardless of the genre.

What makes genre mashing joyful is that it surprises the readers.  Don’t think about what genre you want to mash, instead think of all crazy stories you want to read and apply it all in what you are making, then use whatever genre is applicable.

  • Emphasize the story in relation to the genre.

According to Julianna Baggott, bestselling author of 19 books running the gamut from young adult fiction to poetry, when pitching a genre-blurring novel, it is important  to talk about the world of the novel and the characters who endure within it,” through this, readers are drawn more attracted to the story and and becomes more attached to the characters.

  • Avoid telling one story at a time.

Like what others say, “best stories are the ones where something else is happening.” Therefore, do not just focus with your protagonists and the predicaments along with it. Curiosity from the readers arises when layers of side stories appear from the central story, at times, you need to cross genres to do that.

  • Write from the soul and not for the current happening only

This tip is quite connected to (2). While you should always write the stories you yourself want to read, never be persuaded by what’s currently trending. Written articles will undergo different processes, especially when you engage in a traditional publishing, by the time your story reaches the editor, the used to be trending is no longer hot.  It’s alright to miss the trend, don’t be blinded, freaking that missing the trend is a great loss, it does not mean your book won’t find readers. You never know, your interesting, exciting, and crazy mash of cross genre might be the start of a new trend in the world of publications.

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