Upon searching the Nevada Test and Training Range on Google one of the definitions one can encounter is “… one of two military training areas used by the United States Air Force Warfare Center at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.” There’s really nothing fishy about that statement, right? But what if I tell you that the popular name of this military base is Area 51? Are you shocked by this good old plot-twist or you expected this because you actually read the title? I’m thinking the latter.

The Nevada Test and Training Range commonly known as Area 51 for the piece of land that it is located on, has been a favourite among conspiracy theorists for being so highly classified and mysterious. On the outside of the base you’ll see signs and warnings to not go further down the field, and there are armed guards surrounding the area. In fact security is so strict that even the airspace above the facility all the way to outer space is off limits.

So what really goes on inside the walls of Area 51 that has to be kept unknown to the masses? Hushed talks of aliens, futuristic aircrafts, alien technology, and many more surround this area. Many civilians have tried to “investigate” about the truth behind this place, sightings of spacecrafts and footages of alien life on the facility made conspiracy theories focus more on extraterrestrial life inside Area 51.

The mysterious gist of the place and the government’s secrecy of it make everyone’s imagination run wild. It could be a lab that makes superhero-like weapons worthy of a Marvel movie, sonic screwdrivers, Iron Man suits, heck there might even be a time machine still in the process of testing. The point is we don’t know, we think of all the extraordinary possibilities because we have no idea what’s going on in there and the U.S. government – who has denied the existence of Area 51 for 20 years – hasn’t given the public any word or idea about it either.

But people might have forgotten that Area 51 (formally known as Nevada Test and Training Range) is a military base which means the facility holds secrets that might not only involve “aliens,” “spaceships,” and that whole shebang. The place might be full of military advancements and the restrictions are placed because, let’s face it the United States is full of enemies. Plus it is not the only U.S. government facility that has very uptight security, Area 51 is one of many others that may or may not hold even more dangerous information.

What is happening inside the extremely guarded walls of Area 51? What is this knowledge so amazing or dangerous that it’s like it’s on lockdown? It could take years or centuries before it is known to all of us and we may never find out its true purpose but the way I see it, the secrets of Area 51 is an ever growing mystery that will pique the minds of each generation that is to come.

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