Are you dying to know about UFOs or unidentified flying objects? Want to know if they really exist or not? Or are they just stories made by people?

The flying saucers, as what others call them, or the unidentified flying objects are the reported sighting of an object or light in the sky or on land, whose appearance, trajectory, motions, actions, colors and lights do not have a logical, conventional or natural explanation. Not only the original person who saw it cannot explain it, but also the scientists or technical experts who try to make a common sense identification after examining the evidence.

There have been news on sightings of unidentified flying objects running around the media. A new video has emerged of what was asserted as a large cigar-shaped ship hovering over Paris, France, which UFO watchers say is potentially the same object sighted in China and Australia several years ago. This has not been confirmed that it is true nor has it been confirmed that it is a hoax.

UFO sightings are a worldwide phenomenon, with reports coming from almost all nations. It’s not all the same for all countries though, some have more reports than others. Mostly, reports come from the United States of America, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, England, France, Russia, and Belgium. No one knows and no one is sure about why sightings vary from country to country. Generally, sightings appear on rural areas, small towns and near military installations.

Most UFO sightings are eventually identified and explained, although a very small percentage remain unexplained. A lot of supposed sightings are later identified as conventional objects such as kits, aircrafts, missiles, or weather balloons. A lot of UFO sightings are later determined to be a result of a natural phenomenon which includes astronomical objects such as meteors or planets, and reflective or oddly-shaped clouds.

Some UFO sightings are also of course hoaxes. Many people just want to make fun or make issues especially that a lot of people are interested about the mysterious aliens, especially now that almost everyone is attached to the social media world.

Studies have been established for UFO sightings and established that the majority of unidentified flying objects observations are misidentified conventional objects. Between five and twenty percent of the reported sightings are not explained and therefore can be classified as unidentified in the strictest sense.

Up until today, studies are further made in order to really know what these unidentified flying objects are, what they are made of and where they come from. It remains unclear but I’m sure there will be more discoveries in the future, especially now that technology is more advanced.

Many people are actually interested in this especially in extra-terrestrials. A lot are curious about what they really are. If you are one of them then you must check nearby libraries in your area or even search it in valid sources in the internet, and read newspapers.  Again, this topic has remained blurry for up until now many are still studying about it, making observations on evidence and analysing things. This is even getting more interesting, can’t wait for more knowledge to learn.

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