Engaging sci-fi novel for teens and young adults alike.

Hidden Planet

Chockfull of interesting characters and intriguing subplots, Hidden Planet will, without a doubt, hold the attention of any reader, hardcore science fiction fan or not. On a mission in favor of The Federation of the Planets, nineteen year old Darianna leaves her family and friends on Earth and fulfills what she has been trained to do – to save Numinus, a planet with humans as its ancestors, from possible enslavement and invasion by the power- hungry space pirates. Simmering has penned a novel that is quite an impressive mash up of Asimov’s parallel universes and Cartland’s historical romance stories. Worthy of every reader’s attention and admiration, this book is not to be just frazzled away into the dusty shelves.


Christian thought, What a fool I am. coming here with just thoughts of honor and money,  No thought of wounds and suffering.  So ill prepared, a naive child on a lark.

These pirates knew there must  be a planet nearby that the Maihes were protecting, not just the space lanes.  They were determined to find and coquer this planet.  Even so,  the spirits of the Miehes were high.  The challenge was there, and they lived to fight.  Death in battle was an honorable affair.

Her hair was strewn across the pillow like a  glistening golden fan.  He had never seen hair that color or that beautiful.  He had been told there were peeple with golden hair, but he never believed it.  She smelled clean and fresh like wild flowers.  Was she real or am I dreaming?


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